Riad Anabel – Marrakech

From my sidekick from across the pond LuLu, Creator of Designing 40 — she took me on her holiday to Riad Anabel – Marrakech well not physically but visually.

“Home away from home” seems too ordinary to describe Riad Anabel. At times I chastised my travelling companions, as they seemed to forget that we were guests at the riad, and not moving in permanently. But Habiba, the hostess/owner of Riad Anabel, and her ever-smiling and helpful assistant Hamid, would not have it any other way. They draw you into a comfy sea of luxury and enchantment, often lacking in big hotels.

The Old City of Marrakech is a colourful scented maze within a maze. And though Riad Anabel is in the Old City, it is easily accessible. Only 7 minutes away from Place Jemma El Fna (the main market in Marrakech) and off Rue Riad Zitoun El Kedim (a street buzzing with market stalls, chatter, laughter, hand carts and racing mopeds) and 5 mins from the Mellah. As you walk to Place Jemma El Fna through Rue Riad Zitoun El Kedim, a friendly local is likely to invite you for a cup of mint or royal/king tea, at their stall.

Every morning, Habiba and the staff serve a sumptuous traditional Moroccan breakfast. Leaving you excited to find out what tagine surprise they have for you each morning. The banquet breakfast is served in the courtyard, with birds chirping and ducking and diving in the bougainvillea bushes that hang from the rooftop. The flowers from the bougainvillea cascade at your feet, their scent enveloping you. The pool adds to the serenity of the backdrop.

The bougainvillea room is located on the first floor, next to a rooftop terrace. You will appreciate the air-conditioned rooms after a day spent in the Moroccan sun.

And don’t leave Riad Anabel without trying a relaxing cleanse in their hammam. It will leave your skin cleaner, silkier and more nourished than ever before. The argan oil used is from Agadir.
Saying goodbye to our surreal Moroccan adventure was not easy…. Kim, are we heading to North Africa soon?

Oh yes, Lulu soon very soon. 🙂 First, it’s Denmark & Sweden then off to North Africa.

Contact info & address:
Marrakech Medina, Ryad Zitoue Lakedim Derb Jedid N 8,
Marrakesh 40040, Morocco

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Fabulous place to stay. I highly recommend.

10 Hospitality
10 Cleanliness
10 Food
10 Ambience
9 Transportation
10 Activities
9 Nightlife
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